Bookstore Poem #229. …and the horses they rode in on

Yeah, so I didn’t get the job I was hoping for (the interview went so well!), and I needed to vent… 

They don’t tell you that thorns make the rose
or they give you that ‘every rose has its thorn’ line
and tell you not to worry about it

I’ll tell you what, though—fuck roses!
They can keep their thorns
and I’ll look for something that doesn’t make you hurt
to get something good out of life

We made our world what it is
because we didn’t want to sweat and struggle
and die prematurely because we chose the wrong animal to hunt
or put down roots on a barren patch of earth

We wanted life to be easier

We wanted to sleep knowing we’d be safe
and that everything would be all right in the morning

The thing about roses
is that thorns are a defense mechanism
a means of protection

So fuck rose gardens!

I want to be somewhere
where they’re not trying to keep me out

(24 April 2018)

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