Bookstore Poem #218. This is outside

A mid-afternoon lunch at Third Place Commons this afternoon, followed by a little bit of time in Third Place Books… 

I am outside
here on the other side
from where I want to belong

I do not knock but once
at the entrance
in that old ‘shave and a haircut’ pattern—
minus the ‘two bits’

Then I wait

I wait to be acknowledged
I wait to be invited in
to sit with those
I have long observed from afar

Because I keep to myself
I wait

I want love to come to me
and not make me have to chase her

The best things in life
should not be the ones you work hardest to get

Those things are always disappointing

When the struggle has ended
what is left?

Can anything live up to the struggle?

But this place
rewards the struggle

If you haven’t struggled
you’re not deserving—
you must wait

So I wait

I am outside


(23 March 2018)