Bookstore Poem #99. A long, thoughtful poem is here, waiting

Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. 

I think it thinks
I’m not ready for its arrival.
This is most likely correct;
that long, thoughtful meditation
on some subject ordinary or profound
is not the sort of thing
that emerges from my thoughts
in a form worth writing down.
I am a poet of brief observations
and repeated reflection
on the disappointments of my past
and the failures of my present.
Sustained narrative causes me
to lose interest; what might have been
crumbles into half-hearted phrases
intent on leaving as quickly as possible,
so I can move on to something
more appropriate for my impatient,
attention-seeking attention span.
I am thoughtful—but in quick bursts
and prolonged moments,
or when I am not vested
in the outcome.
That long, thoughtful poem
will have to wait.

(22 January 2018)