Bookstore Poem #71. Who will be there for my revival?

Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. 

It’s possible that I’ve been gone so long
that even the improbability of the event
will go unremarked upon

Or maybe they’re tired of hearing
about yet another one

The last few were more than plenty
for one lifetime

The finite quality of every episode
is easily missed
when we’re so used to
the amorphous stretching out
to infinity
we think of as life

We understand interruptions
and have no trouble reminding ourselves
that they won’t last forever

But we forget that we ourselves
are interruptions of sorts
the universe’s own version
of 30-second commercials—

a few truly exceptional

most not worth more
than a chance at a snack
or a bathroom break

I think I get it now

You’ll see me again
near the top of the hour

(18 January 2018)