Bookstore Poem #50. Water pressure

Started while at the University Book Store, finished at Third Place…

The sea-sack:
saturated, bleeding salt—
‘fit to burst’,
as the song* goes.

built up, accumulated—

They warn against
drinking saltwater,
because it will only increase
your thirst.

The fraud of fresh water
is that it will quench your thirst,
but you’ll always have to have more—
and too much of the stuff
can kill you.

The sea-sack:
saturated, pores salt-clogged—
a stray thread
where its mouth is cinched shut,
a seam that can no longer hold.

built up, accumulated—

‘Fit to burst’,
as the song goes.

* ‘Bitterness Rising’, by Paul Weller

(12 January 2018)