Bookstore Poem #19. Invisibility (a poem)

Another outing to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.

Invisibility is my specialty

I don’t know how much of it is natural ability
I’ve practiced it for so long that it no longer matters

The easiest way to be invisible
is to never leave the house
live vicariously
through windows, books, and screens
and avoid all reflective surfaces

Out in the world, it’s a matter
of not calling attention to oneself
dressing in unremarkable clothes
avoiding small groups
and staying in one place
as much as possible

When leaving any gathering, slip out
while everyone’s attention is elsewhere
do not announce your departure
at any point

Sheets are never necessary
If you must use one, however,
black is preferred
as there is already a cultural precedent
in the form of Japanese bunraku (puppet theater)
with other colors, you risk
being taken for racists     lumber-yard stacks     furniture
industrial equipment     infield tarps     and so on—
all things that are visible

Of course, it should be noted
that, whether or not you have
either ability or experience
invisibility will automatically
be conferred upon you
when you reach the age of 50

Even if someone sees you
they will not know you are there

The up side is that this will make
unannounced exits much easier

Trust me
invisibility is my specialty

(4 January 2018)