Waiting Room Poem #1. In the waiting room (a poem)

No time for the bookstore today. This one I wrote while in the waiting room before an appointment.

I see patterns
in the numbers
on the odometer

One plus five plus one
equals seven
which goes with
the two sevens at the end

Two plus zero plus six
equals eight
which goes with the eight
in the middle

The heat is on
in the waiting room

The sunlight coming
through the window
eliminates the need
for a heater
but there it is

The heat is weak anyway
stand more than
an inch or two away
and you’d hardly notice it was on
if it weren’t for the purring
of the fan

Off it goes—silence…

Something feels different

The calendar is only a label
the change in perception
must be something else

My stomach grumbles a little
I should have eaten something
before I left

(3 January 2018)