Scenes from late-night conversation with a poet (a poem)

Today’s entry.

No, I never just start talking
you have to get me comfortable first
perhaps feed me a line to get me started

Maybe then we’ll get to close the place down

A poet saves words
for the page or the screen
exposing old fears
and settling debts

Ghosts are known for showing up
and disappearing at will

They’re often unwelcome reminders
the poet has invited in

That’s when the discomfort begins

When the scene becomes
too gruesome to look
make it a tool of construction
another brick in the wall
or a bridge to a new destination

When I set my foot on the ladder
I didn’t know it led up to a slide

but I signed up for this ride
now I have to find out where it’s going

No, I think that’s enough

Once you get me talking
I’ll just keep talking

and they’re getting ready to close the place down

(24 December 2017)