A poem with three stanzas that may or may not be connected, and all mention swimming (someday I’ll come up with a decent title for it) (a poem)

Bonus round! Inspired by lines I heard at a reading tonight, and a line from a song I heard at a concert 25 years ago, combined with coincidences with my own writing.

Swimming the distance
is a task I rarely feel
equipped to complete
It’s one thing to do
laps in a pool
because I can keep count—
but the entire length
of a major body of water?

I have often pictured her
swimming gold
in that blackened sea
My heart races
not knowing
when it will decide
whether or not
to swallow her

We are connected by our love
of ether seeping slowly
from the corked container
I want to swim
in our shared consciousness
but the bottle will not break—
and the cork is too dry
to pull out without crumbling

(14 December 2017)