Dance only with me (a poem)

After yesterday’s extra poem, I have decided my December challenge will be to start from lines appearing somewhere else. This poem was inspired by a line from a song (‘Dance Only With Me’) used in the second episode of the Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The something new
to be discovered in
the silky strings
and stately pulse
will remain elusive
outside of your arms

We had a wordless conversation about this
through a dirty storefront window
I thought it ended in a tie
whereas you came to an entirely different conclusion

In any case
the orchestra are playing
an indecipherable score
signed by neither time nor composer
The maestro was always stubborn that way
never taking rests while always losing count

it’s just you and me
standing in this dimly lit room
listening to Avalon all the way through
a step—a turn
never breaking the embrace

Will you still be here
when I open my eyes?

(1 December 2017)