Thanksgiving 2017 (a poem)

Something extra for today.

Of course retrograde is approaching
that’s why it feels like this
and no amount of cigarette jazz
or dark, gothic folk
will get us any closer to reducing our discomfort
or keeping us warm
against the coming chill of December

I don’t know where she gets the idea from
she certainly didn’t hear it from me
the familiar faces in those photographs
are beginning to look more and more alike—
tell me that’s not going to provide fuel
for future squabbles around the holidays
while everyone else sits in the corner and watches

It’s very quiet around the table
covered from edge to edge with papers
storage baskets
and writing implements
there’s no room for food
Then again, there are no chairs
but the one placed in front of this screen

Tomorrow it is officially the season
but Mercury is already positioning itself to move
placing markers so it knows how far to come back
At the same time, shoppers are already setting themselves up
for future disappointment
I guess some habits are too hard to break
that’s why it feels like this

(23 November 2017)