It won’t be long now: ‘Dear Thursday…’

Today’s entry in the Love Notes to the Days of the Week series is no. 359—which means it is almost time to start preparing the ‘Dear Thursday…’ volume for publication, as this coming Thursday will be the last entry for Year Four. I expect to have everything put together and ready to go before the end of November.

Until then, I am putting the finishing touches on 8: Eight-word Poems, and have started sorting through the material for what I am still calling The Lilac Years.

And I must get my proper website back up and running. I had started rebuilding it with the assumption that The Lilac Years would be out around this time, so I have some changes to make to what I have already done. I am aiming for having the basic site back online by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

(13 October 2017)