8: Eight-word Poems—proofs

Finally got the printed proofs today. IngramSpark made a slight change to their proofing procedure, so now you have to approve the e-proof before you can order printed copies—had I known this, I would not have ended up waiting so long to get my proofs. Anyway…

Overall, it looks good. I did have to make a couple of small changes to the spine to ensure more consistent centering, since a couple of elements were slightly off:

I also noticed that one of the poems (#50) is still (sigh) seven words instead of eight—but I’m going to let that one be, since I don’t want to pay another $25 to add just one word. (The only problem with the change that IngramSpark made to their proofing procedure is that you now have to approve the e-proof before you can order printed proofs—effectively guaranteeing that you have to pay extra for uploading new files to correct errors found in the proof, even if you can’t know for sure that there is a problem without checking printed copies.) And everything else seems to be kosher.

So! Once the new e-proof is ready, I plan to go ahead and approve it so that the book can be available later this month, as scheduled.

In the meantime, another preliminary details recap:

8: Eight-word Poems
Softcover, 8.5″ x 5.5″
152 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9988781-2-6
Retail price: $18
Publication date: 20 October 2017

Stay tuned!

(6 October 2017)