A bad-poetry flashback, c. 1980

To give you some idea of how far I have come, here are a couple of bad poems I contributed to my high school’s yearbook my senior year. The theme of that year’s book was ‘Records of the Past’—because no one had ever thought of that one before, right? Read at your peril…

polyvinyl dreams

and so the record turns
around and around
spinning circles within circles
every groove a new meaning
every meaning a new life

we find ourselves fresh
in the opening strains
living life like a song
excited by the rhythm
carried away in it all

and we long for the refrain
of the happier moments
together, the eternal duet
crying, laughing, loving together
as we cross each bridge

as we approach the inner groove
the song is almost over
and the melody begins to fade
it’s time to turn the record over
to play the other side


are you still spinning in circles?
while the record still plays in your head
memories linger
not in your head, but in your heart
yet, it doesn’t matter if they go to your head

(29 September 2017)