Sunday (a poem)

Following the news again…

thousands upon thousands
gather for weekly services
in cities and towns all over

The services
are so popular, in fact
that they are often broadcast
to the entire country

The proceedings begin
with the playing of the sacred hymn
which accompanies the unfurling of the flag
often a flag so large
it takes up half the field
on which services are conducted

Many people choose to stand
for this particular ritual
except for those procuring temporary sustenance
just behind the seating area
and those engaged in speculation
about the course of the day’s services

One Sunday
a few of the participants
decided to kneel rather than stand

The reaction from observers and elders
was swift condemnation
for failing to show proper respect
for the sacred symbols
as well as mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet

Much debate ensued
with accusers accusing
defenders defending
detractors detracting

Many called
for these participants
to be banished

Many (on both sides) called
for a boycott
of all services

But, what everyone seems to have forgotten
is that God prefers it
when we kneel

(23 September 2017)