Said and done (a poem)

New blitz poem.

Sixty-one with no asterisk
Sixty-one and done
Done with the flesh
Done from one moment to the next
Next come the memories
Next we wonder what to do
Do what we can to ease our minds
Do what we must to carry on
On the day it happened we suspected nothing
On the day after we learned the news
news felt trivial
News didn’t care
Care about feelings
Care about facts
Facts fall away in the face of life and death
Facts are inconvenient
Inconvenient is the interruption
Inconvenient fails to convey the real meaning
meaning we have trouble expressing what we feel
meaning our meaning may be misunderstood
Misunderstood is about what we’d expect
Misunderstood has followed us around
Around the pictures from the scene
Around everything we’ve done
Done to break free of the old order
Done to be who we need to be
Be the artists the world needs
Be the ones to make change
Change somebody’s point of view
Change hearts and minds and get people to dance
Dance and shout and scream and make love all night long
Dance to get people up standing
Standing up to scream and shout
Standing up for rights we won’t live without
Without the voices they may not hear
Without a push they may not move
Move to push the old guard aside
Move to clear the way for the new wave
Wave your hands in the air
Wave ’em like you just don’t care
Care to make the world better
Care because it means something
Something we do here may survive us
Something we do has to last
Last time I didn’t know it would be the
last thing you said
Said as you were headed out for good
Said to reassure us there would be more

(26 February 2017)