Now it’s all blurry (a poem)

New blitz poem.

Edges grown soft
Edges blur
Blur across my field of vision
Blur all the lines
Lines to mark boundaries
Lines made for waiting
Waiting for seconds of pleasure
Waiting for hours on end
End of the line so far away
End to end past the moon
Moon is no longer a friend of mine
Moon is only a reminder
Reminder to forget what happened
Reminder to look ahead
Ahead of this moment
Ahead of that vanishing point
Point is there is no point
Point if you can see that far
Far beyond what we usually see
Far too far to go
Go now
Go find what you’re looking for
For what does it matter
For what do we know
Know less the more we learn
Know more the less we know
Know nothing about what we want
Know about as much as anyone else
Else we might have a reason
Else the edge might be too close
Close to the edge we dance
Close behind the chase
Chase a goal that’s always moving
Chase things we can’t see
See things we can’t see
See what it all means
Means don’t justify the end
Means what it means to be happy
Happy is not an action
Happy is a state of mind
Mind plays tricks
Mind has a mind of its own
Own something worth having
Own nothing or it owns you
You can’t have everything
You should know that by now
Now it matters
Now it means something

(15 February 2017)