Distracting ourselves with pop songs in Donald Trump’s America (a poem)

blitz poem I wrote after watching last night’s Saturday Night Live.

The singer at the microphone
The singer’s every word a mumble
Mumble mumble beautiful
Mumble mumble here
Here is where they cut to commercial
Here is where I’m confused
Confused about what I just witnessed
Confused about what happens next
Next we take Manhattan
Next we pretend it’s our time to win
Win what we were denied for so long
Win because what other choice have we got
Got a lot at stake
Got every cliché to lose
Lose because we closed our eyes
Lose what we thought was given
Given what we weren’t sure we wanted
Given an imperfect chance
Chance doesn’t mean all that much
Chance comes around if we’re lucky
Lucky never solved much for long
Lucky pretends to make us go along
Along with dubious notions
Along with colorful lights
Lights to disguise perception
Lights to help us pretend
Pretend we’ve got what we wanted
Pretend it won’t happen again
Again and again we fool ourselves
Again as though we’ll never learn
Learn the words so we can follow the mumble
Learn to pretend when we can’t stand the songs
Songs written to formula
Songs the kids like anyway
Anyway I’m still confused about what I’ve seen
Anyway the circus is going to end
End of the night the lights go out
End comes too soon for some
Some of us want to keep on going
Some of us are ready to run
Run towards the reward we think is coming
Run around pretending every thing is all right
Right now I’m inclined to look for something else
Right where I looked last time
Time is about to have a meltdown
Time wasn’t prepared for this
This could have been the start of something great
This could have been something other than what it’s become

(5 February 2017)