The things we see in dark waters (a poem)

Another blitz poem, but coming up with my own title.

The water is wide
The water is dark
Dark with doubt
Dark in the light
Light revealing detail
Light revealing truth
Truth of the moment
Truth to be told
Told for the right reason
Told without hearing the words
Words make meaning
Words bring us home
Home where we can breathe
Home where we can breathe
Breathe calmly
Breathe free
Free of the hardship
Free of the doubt
Doubt about the future
Doubt about the right thing
Thing is nobody knows
Thing is who can tell
Tell the story the right way
Tell when the going gets tough
Tough times call for tough action
Tough if you’re on the receiving side
Side by side with the martyrs
Side by side with the ones keeping up the fight
Fight to escape the metaphor
Fight to hang on to what’s right
Right around the corner
Right here and now
Now when we need it most
Now when we need it most
Most don’t seem interested
Most don’t understand
Understand what is happening
Understand what it all means
Means to be a refugee
Means when you have no place else to go
Go on if you can look them in the eyes and not care
Go on if you can
Can they really live with themselves now
Can we
We may never be certain
We may never agree
Agree we’re in this together
Agree to disagree

(3 February 2017)