Miscellaneous stuff

Today was the 365th entry in year 2 of my ‘love notes to the days of the week’ series. I have other things going on at the moment, but these will eventually become my second book in the series, ‘Dear Tuesday…’ Just think: all that started with one smart-ass Facebook post…More miscellaneous-type stuff…

As I posted earlier, after a couple rounds of print production difficulties (i.e., problems with the full bleed inside), I have copies of Refusal to Remain Invisible available. Copies I sell directly to folk will be signed, and include a coupon code good for a free download of the e-book edition (ePub or Kindle) from Smashwords. (If you buy from Amazon, the book will not be signed—but you will be able to also get the Kindle edition at no extra cost.)

After a three-month drought, I have had a couple of copy-editing assignments to work on this month, plus a longer-term project I have been waiting on (which will also include some podcast editing) is finally starting to get under way. Woo-hoo! Now, if I could just find a decent alternative to Craigslist for advertising my services—I really do not want to be in the company of those advertising their plagiarism college paper-writing services; it feels so…sleazy.

My Patreon account is feeling lonely, but it’s not going anywhere just yet.

Those of you in the Seattle area can catch me reading my poems in a few places. I regularly attend open mic at the Couth Buzzard on Wednesdays (except when I have a schedule conflict), It’s About Time at the Ballard library on the second Thursday of the month, PoetsWest at the Green Lake library on the second Saturday of the month, Writers Read at the Columbia City library on the Second Sunday, and (providing I have enough gas left after all that driving around) Redmond Association of Spokenword (RASP) at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center on (usually) the last Friday of the month.

Finally, I have fallen behind in my scanning, but I expect to be rectifying that oversight soon.

Now, on with the countdown…

(20 October 2015)