Empty vases on the window sill (a poem)

Today’s poem was inspired not by a prompt, but by a line in a new poem posted today by Talicha J, Something has tried to kill me and failed My poem is not as evocative, nor is it a response to Talicha J’s poem; it’s an impression based on a photograph I made yesterday. Either way, the line in question, “I gave him hours he didn’t deserve”, had me rushing to pen and paper…

She gave me hours
I didn’t deserve
I guess we were alike
in that regard

In the end
we had nothing left to offer
empty vases
left on the window sill

Only in outline
could our abandoned roles be seen
but there is still hope
in the sunlight shining through

(31 July 2014)

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  1. Wow. first, thank you for reading my poem. 🙂
    This is awesome! You never know where you’ll find inspiration sometimes. I really enjoyed where that line led you, great work!

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