An actual articulate spam comment (an aside)

This spam comment was waiting for me this morning:



Therefore, make sure to use your business credit card only for business expenses. Don’t use it when you’re at the mall, doing the grocery shopping, or eating out with your family. Remember, your business credit card is a tool to help you with your business; it shouldn’t be used for personal whims.

Most of the spam comments that come up for review involve ‘you’re not practicing proper SEO’ pitches, are badly worded and/or contain intentional misspellings and typos, or both. Granted, this particular spam comment still has nothing to do with my original post, and the lack of typos, misspellings, and awkwardness are undoubtedly due to the spammer’s use of Japanese, but I still found this quite refreshing. Not as entertaining, perhaps, but refreshing.

(19 April 2014)

One thought on “An actual articulate spam comment (an aside)

  1. An actual spam comment received in response to this post (slightly re-formatted, but otherwise un-edited, and with spammy links removed):

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