Giving National Poetry Writing Month a Shot

It’s National Poetry Writing Month this month. I didn’t actually know about it until March 31st, but I decided I’d give it a shot anyway.

I haven’t been much of a fan of poetry for a long time. I used to write a lot when I was in high school and college—even had a couple of pieces published in the college newspaper’s quarterly literary supplement. But, the next time I submitted something, the rejection letter more or less accused me of trying to be Richard Brautigan. My first reaction was “Who the hell is Richard Brautigan?” I’d never heard of him—in fact, it was only today (more than thirty years later) that I learned anything about him. How could I possibly be trying to emulate someone I had no awareness of?

That effectively shut down my literary ambitions.

Yet, over the years, I’ve still written a few lines here and there, now and then, from time to time. I’m often less than enamored of the results, but sometimes the expression is the more important consideration.

Whatever the results are, I’ve committed to writing one poem a day for the thirty days of April.

(3 April 2013)