New sounds: The Janus Question

A piece I recorded back in June is included in a new compilation, Transactions of the Lyra​-​8 Support Group Spring​/​Summer 2022, Vol​.​III​/​I, assembled and released by the admin of the Lyra-8 Support Group on Facebook. The collection consists of 11 pieces that all use the Soma Lyra-8 synthesizer in some capacity.

‘The Janus Question’ uses two Lyra-8’s and the Soma Cosmos. It was put together by making two different edits of the same recording—one based on the content of the left channel (one Lyra-8), and one based on the content of the right channel (the other Lyra-8)—and then combining the edited left channel with the edited right channel in a new file and editing that file separately.

(9 October 2022)