Bookstore Poem #670

First time in about three weeks at the bookstore…

It’s probably unfair
to describe her features
as clandestine
though there was much
she kept hidden
right up until
her slack-jawed farewell
that final expression
of the silence
she maintained all those years

I may never hear
the stories of Walter
and Theodious
or of how
I eventually came to be—
very much my parents’ son
but not quite
like either one
inhabiting that grey area
where everyone sees
what they want to

These stories of mine
may not have a point
as I skip and flit
from tangent to tangent
and maybe back to the point
I have my own way
of remembering—
sometimes my own life
doesn’t match what happened

It’s when these episodes
bleed into one another
that a shape takes form—
my version of a lifetime jigsaw
for you to put together

Better put on a kettle—
you’re going to be here
for a while

(7 September 2019)

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