Bookstore Poem #666

Short on inspiration today, but I did spent nearly four hours at the bookstore this afternoon…

Three hours in
I’m still looking for salvation
I know doesn’t exist

The millions of pages on offer
can guarantee only

self-righteous justification
assembly instructions
pretty pictures
and boredom

I will still be this person
in this place
with this life

My destination will not change
neither will how I’m going to get there

The points I exchange
for the book in my hands
aren’t going to change the world

The book in my hands
isn’t going to change the world

The old trope
about repeating the same actions
while expecting different results
tells me so

But I’ve never
reliably done the same things
the same way every time—
so I must think
somewhere inside
that I have at least
a small chance

I have to take those odds

(17 August 2019)

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