Motion picture sleep aids (a poem)

Somehow I fell asleep while watching Jaws, prompting this poem. (Yes, it’s true—I have never seen more than the first 20 minutes of Blade Runner, because I fall asleep whenever I try to watch it…)

The undisputed king of falling asleep 20 minutes into Blade Runner
(with or without narration)
falls asleep during everything

In the morning
he wakes up, has coffee
becomes drowsy, and falls asleep again

It doesn’t matter what he’s watching
or reading, or listening to
it may as well all be Blade Runner

The undisputed king of susceptibility to the eyes of a smiling woman
will fall asleep during the quirky romantic comedy
featuring an odd woman with a captivating smile

He’ll wake up again
during the non-sequitur of colours
splashed across the screen between scenes

He will find this awfully confusing
but still crush on the odd woman with a captivating smile
and feel sad that that could never happen to him

So he really hopes those two will end up together
though he is worried
about what kind of children they might have

My father used to fall asleep during movies
sometimes his eyes would still be partly open
and I’d wonder for a moment if he’d died

He died in his sleep
I wonder if his eyes were still partly open what he was watching

(15  June 2019)

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