Summarise in 8500 words or less the conditions under which you will surrender (a poem)

However this phrase came to me, I thought I should try to write something for it…

The light turns warm and floods the room
The blanket keeps the feeling in and the horror out
The heat from the drink radiates throughout my body
Sleep rewards me with a dream I will always remember

The picture inside the frame changes to suit the mood
The song doesn’t end when it gets to the good part
The paint on the bristles is its own masterpiece
Art for art’s sake

The taste lingers but does not overstay its welcome
The second is as good as the first
The third is even better
Appetite is a benevolent ruler

The alchemy of the mystic settles in a fine mist
The gold shimmers in the light, under the surface
The chemistry of the moment will not alter
She knows not everything, but enough

The voice of the goddess is warm, down to earth
Her fragrance is but a suggestion
Her touch is a gentle reminder
Love is not magic, but a possibility

Maybe never

(7 June 2019)

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