Bookstore Poem #614. Until you obliterate the ground or the shadow, there can be no rest

Partly inspired by the shadows produced by the lighting at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park and trying to photograph a single page of a book without being able to remove it…

The distraction would be too much
beside the inevitable distortion
of lines curving into a common edge
helpless against the angles
of the opposing plane

My shading technique is not practised
it lags well behind the beat
so spaces form here and there
until I squeeze out the entire tube
and smear the paint across the page

Once the head of the nail is flush with the wood
the emptiness continues to pound away
it doesn’t recognise the void
as anything but its own reflection
which it finds wanting

Shadows are perennially unhappy
because you can still see through them

(20 May 2019)

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