Women of my dreams (a poem)

I have some really weird dreams sometimes…

We are sitting at a table in a restaurant with friends, candlelight, and wine. We’re talking about some rude, outrageous comment this obnoxious woman has just made on the news. We’re so into the conversation that we began to overlap each other. I’m saying something, then she says something; we both call her a cunt at the same time, and the entire table explodes with laughter as we do the exploding fist bump thing…

Come now the funhouse…

Down the hall, to our separate ways
guided by a gatekeeper
who leads her straight through

I’m shuttled to the side
into the brightest of brights
where sound churns askew

The lines around the edges blow apart
my insides melt through

Obliteration fits me like a glove
I have to force my fingers into

…and out the other end

When you take apart complex mechanisms
and scatter the parts about

Our reconstituted selves reconvene
in a narrow hallway, walls of beige
with lighting, industrial-yellow wan

As far as I can tell, everything is fine
her bob with highlights
framing eyes gone googly
presiding over a Joker smile
me sideways Bowie
turned mutant Clay Aiken
in grey shirt, open collar, pale pink tie

Her marionette limp, bouncing high and wide
complements my mutant zombie slide
marking us as the new ‘it’ couple this side of the funhouse

I catch my eye in the mirror
while she introduces herself to the wall

The door finally opens
I take her hand, and together we go through

And I wake up on the other side

(13 May 2019)

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