Initial entries in a catalogue of contradictions (a poem)

Not too keen on this one yet either (I’ve been in copy editing mode today), but it’s all true.

The undisputed king of confounding expectations
is, as you might expect, full of contradictions

He once explored the streets of Osaka and Tokyo
if there was a record shop in the area, he’d find it

These days, he’d rather stay home—and he has few records anymore

He used to read 20 books at a time
now his pile of unread books is only growing
(Japanese has a very handy word for this: tsundoku)

He does, however, write an awful lot

He used to walk practically everywhere
now he’d rather drive—unless parking is going to be a hassle
(convenient parking is a priority in his life)

He and his friends once spontaneously decided to drive to Vancouver
now he makes plans to go somewhere in town, and then lets them slide
(we’ll say it’s the weather)

He used to like Whitney Houston
and then he saw her sing live on TV…

He can be incredibly organized
you’d never know it, looking at his desk (or coffee table, or chest of drawers, or kitchen counter, or the number of browser tabs he has open at any given moment)

He hates tomatoes in their original form
but likes ketchup, marinara sauce, and the occasional V-8

He’s almost too easy going
but ask him to do something he doesn’t want to
and you’ll find out how stubborn he can be

He’ll do just about anything for you
but doing the same things for himself is damn near impossible

And he won’t hold your past against you
although he still blames himself for things that happened years ago

He no longer holds grudges
he’s learned to forgive others for the things they do
but he will never, never, ever shop at Nordstrom

(10 May 2019)

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