Minutiae of May (a poem)

One of those ‘day in the life’ things.

The undisputed king of failing to go to bed at a reasonable hour
joins the day already in progress

He is well rested
but half the day is gone

there are no demands on his time
and a couple of packages on the way
that won’t arrive
until later in the week

The undisputed king of inconsistent sleep habits
should have had his morning caffeine
when he first woke up
but enjoys that early morning half-drowsy feeling too much
so he stayed in bed
fell asleep
and when he woke up again
it was two and a half hours later

The undisputed king of noticing stupid little things
is listening to Melon’s version of ‘Quiet Village’
and marvelling that his father died nine months ago
but still gets more mail than he does

(7 May 2019)

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