Note to self (a poem) (sort of)

Sometimes I get frustrated by my tendency to fixate on certain themes…

I’m keeping the header image from yesterday’s post to glare at me if I fail to heed my own advice.

Don’t use that word
Don’t use that one either
You’ve gone on too long about that, too

Nobody wants to read about water or drowning all the time
or those imagined rendezvous in Paris that never happened
or the endless reiterations of the last time you were together
or your desire to yell at the screen showing the movie of your life
or the things you’ve been unable to do

And forget about depression, too

Make a list of all those words and phrases you like to use
keep it in your notebook, or next to your desk
and then don’t use them—
not all the time, anyway

Take a chance, man

Take a chance

(4 May 2019)

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