National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #27 (pt. 1)

Here is my Day 27 poem using the prompt: Use words from a Shakespeare sonnet.

I used words and phrases from Sonnet XI.

fresh blood knows not to enter the fray
in shark-infested waters, wisdom and beauty are bait

the folly, age, and cold decay of threescore year
accumulate excess and power to rule
harsh, featureless, and rude

in bounty they persist
engorged on their holy book
from youth minded so—
the times should cease
should make the world away
to inherit it for themselves

herein lives fresh blood, running hot
not made for store
the bounteous gift endangered
in short supply

she gave thee more, but look—
look at whom she best endowed
threescore year and more

fresh blood knows not to enter the fray
as fast as thou grow’st, so fast thou shalt wane
unless the sharks be purged from the water
to return wisdom and beauty to wake

(27 April 2019)

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