National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #8 (pt. 1)

Here I use the prompt provided by poet (and bookstore owner) Chris Jarmick on his blog, POETRYisEVERYTHING.

The task for Day 8 is to write two eight-line poems—one that excludes eight letters of the alphabet, one that consists of only eight letters. This was harder than I thought it would be.

Examine fame:

every meter rent
every fine taken

a mint never fenced

every variance in time
every vacancy mine

a cancer
I revile

Should plush owls
hold up lush hops

Should slow owls
push spud shops
slow down

Should lush owls slosh
howl loud

(8 April 2019)

5 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #8 (pt. 1)

  1. I love that slush owls section. I even had to read it slowly to try to ‘pronounce’ it in my head. Delightful

    1. A harder exercise than I expected. Since I chose to not use d, h, l, o, p, s, u, and w for the first part of that prompt, I used only those letters for the second part. I was getting pretty much nowhere until I realized that “would” and “should” were two of the words I could make from those letters.

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