It’s a book (the paperback)


So this arrived today…

front cover of the book "Wishes sometimes have consequences" by Kevin J. O'Conner

I am still waiting for a new proof for the hardcover edition—I was finally able to upload my revisions to the interior a couple of days ago—but at least I have this edition in the meantime. And everything looks to be the way it is supposed to. The color on the cover has a bit of a greenish cast, but then I originally sampled the color from one of my cover drafts, so I’m good with it.

I’m hoping to get the hardcover edition squared away and personal copies ordered within the next week or so. With all the time I spent working on this collection (I started compiling it last July), that’s the one I’m anxious to get my hands on.

For now, Mercury retrograde is having its way with us all—first Gmail, then Facebook, and lots of little communication mishaps in between. But it hasn’t been a complete mess: on Monday I got my new reading glasses (despite the advantages of progressive lenses, they are horrible for computer use and reading); this weekend I plan to go pick up my newly serviced typewriter. And I have been doing a bit of editing work this week, so I have a shot at paying my taxes on time this year.

In any event, there will be more to come when the hardcover edition is properly finished, and links when I have them.

(13 March 2019)