It’s a book (almost)

Wishes sometimes have consequences is on its way to being a book! I uploaded my final revisions for the paperback edition this afternoon; after checking the proofs (four of them in all), I clicked on the ‘Approve’ button to make it official.

I am still waiting for a new proof for the hardcover edition—though I don’t really need it now, since every change I made to the paperback edition I also made to the hardcover edition (since the interior pages are the same except for the ISBN and two brief lines on the last page). I do still need to upload the updated interior file, though, so I have email in to IngramSpark to check on what’s holding things up. (I was hoping to get all the setup done before Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow—but the on-sale date is April 30, so there will be plenty of time for any snags to work themselves out before then.)

Meanwhile, this time I opted to splurge for the advertisement/promotion as part of the monthly catalog Ingram sends out to retailers. I haven’t used this particular service before, so I’m curious to see if it makes any kind of difference.


(4 March 2019)