Excursion (a poem)

Last night’s dreams featured guest appearances by Naveen Andrews and Mariska Hargitay.…

I don’t know
what happened to Samir

Last time I saw him
he’d been released
and was searching for someone

Even if he didn’t find her
he was glad to be free again

I feel like the rest of us
got out of there
with moments to spare
it was hard to keep covered
the way tradition required

The safe zone
would not have protected us
however inadvertent the contact

The trip back was exhausting
I dozed off before the boat left port
I think Mariska Hargitay
was refusing a hug
because it was too damn hot

When I woke up
I was back home
in bed
the smell of fresh coffee
wafting in
from the kitchen

(15 September 2018)



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