Don’t panic (a poem)

I was hoping for more from this one, but I cut things close as it is…

Lights are out for the night
but my eyes are wide open

There’s a crowd gathered
where my thoughts are

I’ve been putting up one wall after another
between me and tomorrow
to try to corral them
but they’ve been sneaking over
and punching through
and coming back
with all sorts of horror stories
without having the decency
to bring souvenirs
or clean up the rubble

They seem determined
to bring back catastrophe
it’s against my best interests
but I’m thinking
they got a taste and enjoyed it

I’ll admit Demon Thirst is persuasive
but I’ve got the night on my side

The worst that can happen
is that my dreams will fall short (again)
and I’ll wake up in the morning
in the same place I was the night before
but with my thoughts dispersed
and those walls far behind me

So I’m going to close my eyes now…

(22 July 2018)