Consequences (Pluto is a planet) (a poem)

Stemming from a pre-workshop conversation last Saturday…

The scientists may say otherwise for now
but Pluto is a planet

You can’t just kick it out—
it’s part of the solar system

You know—the one with that big, bright, fiery sun
around which the planets orbit

Okay, technically I suppose we can
since we’re the ones what decided
everything should be all grouped together
as a system

But demoting a planet?!
Why was it a planet then
but not now?

You can’t just change the criteria—
what will we be changing next?

Will we accept Agent Smith’s definition of humanity
as a virus?

If so, will we work to find a new vaccine
or will we use the ones we already have
(BOOM goes the dynamite)?

Either way
Pluto is going to laugh…

(11 July 2018)