A little light reading (a poem)

Inspired by ’Pataphysics: A Useless Guide

I am reading a book about ’pataphysics
on the bus

(No, the ’pataphysics are not on the bus
the bus is where I am while I’m reading the book)

I don’t know that I understand the subject any better
it seems that that by itself
may or may not be pataphysical

In the same way
I may be a pataphysicist and not know it
(hence the lack of apostrophe)

And, despite its subject
the book is not explicitly pataphysical—
which, it seems, may make it pataphysical

I don’t know

In any event
the bus is not going where it’s supposed to
as it goes where it’s supposed to

This, too, may or may not be pataphysical

I don’t know
but the book says the Sgt. and his boys
were there a couple years before Maxwell

(14 June 2018)