Conversation starters (a poem)

This has been a weird day. Not so weird as to qualify for bizarre, but a more mundane type of weird. And right after I finished this poem, I found the back scratcher…

I missed the eclipse today

Actually, I didn’t
because there wasn’t one—

but that’s a great way to start a conversation
wouldn’t you say?

No, you wouldn’t—
because you’re not here

I didn’t invite you
so you didn’t jump in your car
and come right over

I didn’t tell you not to come by
so you didn’t ignore me
jump in your car
and come right over
to make sure I was okay

That’s more or less
the lay of the land
as it were

But I can tell you
that I can’t seem to find my back scratcher
so if you have any ideas
as to where it might be
I’d really love to hear them

(30 May 2018)