National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 21

The prompt for Day 21 is one of those I’m not really keen on. The idea is to base the poem on the myth of Narcissus. I made the protagonist of my poem the opposite of Narcissus. The form of my poem is a modified rimas dissolutas. Normally, the corresponding line of each stanza rhymes (though the stanzas themselves do not); here, the first lines do not rhyme.


I am the old man
watching my reflection decay
on the water’s surface

I hate what I see
even the last nymph runs away
rather than look upon this withering face

I know, it’d be easier to leave
but I have no choice but to stay
It would be exactly the same any other place

I cannot pretend—
it doesn’t matter what I say
my Nemesis will never give up the chase

(20 April 2018—posted April 21st)

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