The Lilac Years—Ebook coming April 30!

My latest collection of poems, The Lilac Years, will be available in ePub and Kindle formats on April 30!

The Smashwords edition will be available in your choice of ePub or Kindle format: This is the version that will also be available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, and so on.

The Kindle edition available from Amazon will be available only from Amazon—but you can get it for free when you purchase a copy of the print edition (details below). (If you are a Kindle person, I recommend this version, as it preserves the formatting more faithfully than the Smashwords edition does.) I will update this post with the link once I have it.

As for the print edition, you may recall from a few days ago:

You can get it from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or you can check IndieBound for a bookstore in your area to order it from.

The Lilac Years
Kevin J. O’Conner
216 pp., softcover (5.5″ x 8.5″)
Alarm Cat Press
ISBN: 978-0-9988781-4-0

Gotta use that tax refund for something…

(20 April 2018)