Fun with cover drafts

My next self-published opus is still a ways away, since I took some poems out of the running temporarily by entering them in competitions (one for a chapbook, one for a full-length book). But I’m not letting that stop me from drafting some possibilities for the cover.

When I talked about working titles a while back, I jokingly mentioned Fred: The Lilac Years as a possibility. Well, except for the Fred part, I have decided to go with that. Here are some of the drafts I have come up with so far:

Since this is backwards from the way I usually work—that is, I usually have the interior compiled first, then I work on the cover—I am mostly keeping the covers non-specific.

That said, when I looked up lilacs to see what they symbolize, I learned a couple of things. One is that, depending on their color, lilacs can symbolize purity and innocence, spirituality, happiness and tranquility, love and passion, and first love. Another is that the lilac is the 8th anniversary flower; when I was married, the 8th anniversary was the last one we observed.

I have already done ‘the divorce book’ (Separation Anxiety), so the symbolism is unlikely to be directly associated with the next book. The synchronicity, though, suggests to me that The Lilac Years is not entirely meaningless as a title, despite my having come up with it mostly as a joke.

I will be re-evaluating both title and cover once I have compiled the poems I plan to include, and have a better sense of what the actual content and tone of the book will be. For now, I will enjoy exploring the possibilities.

(2 August 2017)