Poet of the Month: Talicha J

This month, I celebrate Talicha J, one of the first poets I began to follow after I started actively writing poetry again. I don’t remember where I first encountered her work (it’s been about four years, after all), but I appreciate her ability to get to the heart of whatever she is writing about. Numerous times I have read something in one of her poems that perfectly captures something I have experienced.

Talicha regularly participates in slam competitions, and last year did her first tour (I was lucky to see her read at Everett Poetry Night in May 2016, and finally meet her in person (after having already been connected for a while on social media).

To date, Talicha has published one book of her poetry, Falling in Love with Picking Myself Up, and one poetry album, In the making (click on the bandcamp link below).

I strongly recommend you check her out. You won’t regret it.

Talicha J website: https://talicha-johnson.squarespace.com/

Talicha J YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUbP6BNSxJvMksiY2Qa0PyA

Talicha J In the making poetry album: https://talichaj.bandcamp.com/

(1 July 2017)