ART 53, Pulitzer edition

This Is Fifty-three, Pulitzer edition

Argh! I should have known better than to try to do this while Mercury is retrograde, but October 1 is coming up fast, so I wanted to allow for plenty of time for stuff to get lost, re-routed, delayed, and/or whatnot…

Thanks to a friend of mine who stepped in to help, I was able to order the copies of the full-color edition of This Is Fifty-three that I need to send to the Pulitzer folks to complete my entry. My order was expected to arrive by Sept. 20.

Instead, it arrived today! Yes! Extra time. Then I went to check the copies before packaging them up. Mistake…(?)

The happy news is that my ‘meta’ cover looks better than the flat JPEG would indicate. Unfortunately, the interior doesn’t quite measure up to the quality of the proof. First, everything is somewhat darker—but, I already know that variations from run to run (and even from copy to copy within a print run) are normal, so I let it go, even though I am still a little disappointed. Next, some of the images are a bit noisier than they were in the proof. As long as they otherwise look reasonable…

Then I get to page 180, my list of stuff about the year 1984, when I turned 21. This is what the printed proof looks like:


Okay, it’s not a great picture, but you can see that the text looks crisp, and the overall contrast is good.

Here are details from the same page from a couple of the copies I just received:


There are noticeable registration problems here—i.e., those slight gaps of white (yellow, in the second example) between the text and the red background—and it really just looks like crap. Four of the five copies I ordered are affected (though the degree does vary).

Here is a side-by-side comparison:


I have e-mail in to CreateSpace customer support to complain about the problem. This ought to be interesting…

In the meantime, I am probably going to be stuck sending either these copies or copies of the Just the Words, Man edition (my backup option) in to complete my Pulitzer entry. Grrr…

(16 September 2016)