ART 53, day 58, part 2

This Is Fifty-three, day 58, part 2

I hate Mercury Retrograde.

CreateSpace acted quickly to put things back on track—then they sent me this:

I’m glad to inform that our technical services team has  placed your title “This Is Fifty-three” back In Process and instructed the review team to pass your title the way it is as a flip book. Please be aware that this is conditional however, if there are any end-customer or manufacturing complaints,you will need to reformat your files  without the flip book design element.

It’s NOT a ‘flip book’!

Okay, Kevin…breathe…

As I was breathing, I got e-mail that the proof was ready to order. I checked the digital proof, and saw a small bit of funky text in one of the poems (InDesign has been acting up lately). I checked my PDF, and saw that it was funky there, too.

Since I was going to have to re-export the PDF, I went back into my InDesign files and exported the offending ‘flip book’ pages as CMYK JPEGs. I then opened them up in Photoshop, removed the proper text, saved as TIFFs, and placed them into my InDesign layout to replace the ‘flip book’ text. They’re not text now, see? They’re images. (‘Not touching—can’t get mad!’)

I also added a caption to the Lucy image just before the Prelude:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 17.19.30

Yes, it’s a smart-ass move—but it helps me relieve some frustration, and it’s goofy enough that I may get a few courtesy chuckles out of it.

As I finish this post, I have completed uploading my revised files (I also made a couple of small adjustments to the text layout on the cover and spine). Stay tuned…

(24 August 2016)