Poetry Marathon this Saturday 8/13/16

I am officially participating in this year’s Poetry Marathon—along with over 500 other folks, apparently. Participants sign up to write one new poem every hour, which they then post to the site. 

Because I value my sleep (and because there is an open-mic I want to go to that evening), I am opting for the half-marathon—which means I will have to write only twelve poems instead of twenty-four.

The basic rules, as I understand them:

  • You can write whatever kind of poems you want. (There will be hourly prompts, but they are optional.)
  • You must write a new poem each hour.
  • No advance scheduling of posts. You can post the poems you write later in the day; you just can’t write a bunch of poems in advance and schedule them to post when you should be writing.

The fun starts at 6 a.m. PT this Saturday, August 13. (Fortunately, my cats are—ahem!—good about getting me up early, so that should not be a problem.) Follow along at https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/.

(10 August 2016)