This Is Fifty-three covers

Front covers for the two print editions of This Is Fifty-three:



The first one, with the huge, full-bleed photo, is for the full-color edition. The strip of grey/silver at the left is done on purpose. Since my artwork does not wrap around, there is no way to ensure that the edges of cover and spine line up properly every time. Therefore, I had the spine background spill over slightly to front and back covers, as if it were tape. The red strip along the right edge is there because I felt like putting it there. I may still get rid of it; for now, I will keep it there, at least through the first printed proof.

The more minimal, faux-constructivist one is for the stripped-down ‘Just the Words, Man’ edition, which will omit all of the images and graphic embellishments except for those marking the beginning and end of each section. I thought this would be a good way to differentiate between the two editions, as opposed to adding a subtitle or additional text to the same cover.

Also, I get to use two different covers. That’s always fun.

Here are the back covers:



(7 August 2016)

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